POLARIS is a professional exposure meter with world-class features and performance, at a fraction of the cost of comparable models.
POLARIS has the function and microprocessor-driven accuracy you expect, plus some additional conveniences might not, like an oversized LCD display, multi-flash capability and user-preset program levels. More features and a lower price makes POLARIS an unbeatable value.

The oversized LCD display shows all the data and functions clearly and easily, even at full arm's length. A Large analogue scale makes fractional measurements easy, and Custom Program Level Function lets you personalise your meter to match your style of shooting. Adjust the meter level or return to standard levels with the touch of a button. Eight additional shutter speeds available to match the sync speed of virtually any camera. The multi-flash feature makes it simple to calculate how many times the flash must be fired to achieve a desired f-stop.

  1. Silcone Photodiode accepts a wide range of accessories
  2. Sliding sphere for incident and reflected readings
  3. Turns power off after 5 minutes to save energy
  4. Mode button select 4 measuring modes in sequence
  5. Oversized LCD display shows all the data and functions
  6. ISO range from 3 to 8000
  7. Unique multi-flash feature makes it easy to calculate cumulative flash exposures
  8. Standard PC Terminal for synch cord flash activation
  9. Measuring and Flash trigger button
  10. Up/Down key. Adjusts shutter speed, ISO film speed, Program Level and number of multi-flash
Measuring System Incident or Reflective
Measuring Modes Ambient and flash (cord, cordless) - incident and reflected (35 degrees)
Receptor Head Non-rotating, non-interchangeable
Aperture/Shutter Priority Shutter speed priority
Display Readout Digital LCD
ISO Range 3 to 8000 in 1/3 increments
f/Stop Display Range f/0.5 to 90
Shutter Speed - Ambient 1/8000 to 60 sec.
Shutter Speed - Flash 1/500 to 1 sec.
EV Range (ISO-100) EV -4 to 26, Ambient: 1-19.9; Flash f/2-90.9
Multiple Flash Scale for calculating 2-9 flashes
Exp. Compensation Adjustable +0.9EV - -0.9 (in 1/10 stop increments)
Power Source 1 "AA" battery (not included)
Dimensions 2.5 x 0.8 x 4.7" (63 x 20 x 118mm) WDH
Weight 3.3 oz (94 g)



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