CamRanger PT HUB ONLY (FOR MP-360)

Spare 3:
Box Contents: Motorised Head, PT Hub, 2 Connecting Cables.
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 1.13kg
Product Code: 7021
Spare 1:
When the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 are used with the CamRanger, the user can easily pan or tilt the camera from within the CamRanger app. Allowing 360 degrees of rotation and tilt a total of 30 degrees (15 degrees up and 15 degrees down). Useful for producing panoramas and motion controlled time-lapse, plus intervalometer with automated or manual pan/tilt programing allowing for more customization (from within the app). Ideal for pole use for architectural photography and useful for video recording.
Spare 2:
  • The CamRanger PT Hub will work with the existing MP-360, MP-101, Bescor, or Hague tripod heads.
  • The CamRanger PT Hub is powered by the CamRanger.
  • Power Supply: 4 AA batteries or via an AC adaptor (available separately).
  • The tilt angle of 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down can be increased with the use of a monopod head
  • Max Load: 2.7kg

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