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Box Contents: Cokin 82mm Nuances ND1024 filter, Pouch case
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
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Product Code: 12077
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NUANCES ND1024 filters are designed to reduce the amount of light reaching your camera by 10 stops, allowing the use of extremely long shutter speeds, even in daylight.

They are made from high-resolution mineral glass and use innovative technology: A new coating process ensures a totally uniform density, with a nano-metallic alloy applied on both sides of highly resistant, tempered Schott Glass B270 (renowned for its high transmittance and low reflection). The result is a stunning neutrality, completely free of infrared pollution.

Nuances ND1024 filters will catch 10 f.stops of light, making them ideal for long-exposure landscape photography and/or depth of field reduction in extremely bright conditions, especially with video shooting.
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  • Stunning colour neutrality, totally free of infrared pollution
  • Reduces light by 10 complete stops
  • Tempered, high-resolution Schott B270 glass
  • Nano-metallic surface coating for perfectly uniform density
  • Stackable without colour cast
  • Available in 52mm to 82mm diameters

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