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Box Contents: NX-Series circular-polarising filter, protective case
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 170g
Product Code: 11240
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A must-have for practicing landscape photography with your NX-Series filter-holder. The NX-Series Circular Polarising filter is the first and most important filter to use in your NX-Series 100mm filter-holder.

It has a proprietary aluminium mount, which is knurled to allow easy adjustment of the polarising effect, via the metal wheel at the side of the filter-holder. The filter is high-efficiency and absorbs only 1 f-stop of light. It has anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coatings.
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  • Schott B270 high resolution mineral glass
  • Compatible with NX-Series 100mm filter-holder
  • High-efficiency, with only 1 f-stop absorbance
  • Individual protection pouch included
  • Anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coatings
  • Cokin Model Ref: POL01NXS

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