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Box Contents: NX-Series filter holder
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 140g
Product Code: 11235
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The NX-Series Filter-Holder is at the core of the new NX-Series 100mm system. Machined from strong aluminium, it uses an innovative design to reduce weight and increase the maximal angle of view. Therefore, ultra wide-angles lenses such as 16-35mm zooms can be used without vignetting, even at 16mm on digital full-frame cameras.

The NX-Series filter-holder uses proprietary aluminium frames to accommodate your Cokin Nuances Extreme, or other 100mm filters (with 2mm thickness). The NX-SERIES filter-holder uses ball-bearings which exert gentle pressure to guide the frames in their slot, for smooth and precise operation.

The polarising filter has a special mount which can be easily rotated using an adjustment wheel on the side of the filter-holder. You can use up to 2 square/rectangular filters plus one Polarising filter at the same time. The NX-Series filter-holder is compatible with Cokin Nuances Extreme filters, Nuances Clearsky and Infrared 720 filters in L size. It is also compatible with mineral glass filters from other manufacturers, provided they measure precisely 100x100x2mm or 100x150x2mm in size.
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  • Uses Cokin 'L' size (Z-Pro) adapter rings
  • CNC machined from premium aluminium - lightweight & compact
  • Holds polariser plus 2 filters in frames
  • Integrated polarising adjustment wheel
  • 2x protective foam gaskets to avoid light-leaks during long exposures
  • Ideal for use with ultra wide-angle lenses
  • Uses 3 different sized filter frames to avoid vignetting with 100mm filters
  • Filter frames accept 100mm square, 100x143.5mm and 100x150mm filters
  • Compatible with 100mm filters from any manufacturer provided they are 2mm thick
  • Cokin Model Ref: HOL01NXS

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