Cokin NX-Series FILTER FRAMES COMBO TWIN-PACK 100x100mm and 100x143.5mm

Spare 3:
Box Contents: 1pc NX-Series Filter frame 100x100mm and 1pc 100x143.5mm
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 90g
Product Code: 11249
Spare 1:
Combi-Pack of 2 aluminium filter frames: 1 for 100x100mm filters and 1 for 100x143.5mm filters, both compatible with the Cokin NX-Series 100mm filter-holder.

Three different sizes are available to accommodate 100x100mm square filters (such as Neutral density), 100x143.5mm exclusively for COKIN NUANCES Extreme graduated filters and 100x150mm for other manufacturers' filters.

Note that the filter frames are only compatible with filters having a precise 2mm thickness. The filter frames also include a screwdriver to attach the filter in the frame, two spare screws and ten stickers to note the exact type of filter on the frames.
Spare 2:
  • Exclusively for use in NX-Series filter holder
  • Accepts 100x100x2mm and 100x143.5x2mm filters
  • Ideal for Neutral Density and Cokin Graduated Neutral Density filters
  • Made from strong, light premium aluminium
  • Includes screwdriver, spare screws and stickers
  • Cokin Model Ref: FRD02NXS

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