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Box Contents: Cokin EVO filter holder M (P-Series), complete with front plate
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 32g
Product Code: 10512
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A modular filter-holder for demanding photographers: EVO is an evolution of the acclaimed CREATIVE Filter System and the result of Cokin's unrivalled experience in filter making.

It is available in three sizes: 'M' (for lens filter sizes from Ø49mm to Ø62mm), 'L' (for lens filter sizes from Ø52mm to Ø95mm) and 'XL' (for lens filter sizes from Ø62mm to Ø112mm).

The EVO filter-holder main plate is made of aluminium, making it both sturdy and light. Being Modular, it can hold up to 3 filters in highly flexible, but durable polyamide slots. A custom designed mask prevents light leaks when using Cokin NUANCES or similar filters dedicated to long exposure photography. The included front plate also allows a Ø95mm EVO circular polarising filter (sold separately) to be attached. Designed to meet photographers’ expectations, EVO offers several configurations; by changing the number of slots (from one to three) or their thickness (up to 4mm), the EVO filter-holder is compatible with almost all Cokin CREATIVE adaptor rings and filters, so existing Cokin users can simply upgrade to the EVO filter-holder.
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  • Made from aluminium; sturdy, lightweight and modular design
  • Suitable for lenses with filter sizes from Ø49mm to Ø62mm
  • Slots hold filters 84mm wide and up to 4mm thick
  • Brass screws and nuts allow customising with one, two or three filter slots
  • Front plate can be added to hold 95mm Circular Polarising filter
  • EVO Carrying Case available separately
  • Custom designed gasket prevents light leaks when using Cokin NUANCES or similar ND filters

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