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Box Contents: Nuances Clearsky glass filter, filter pouch
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
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Product Code: 10943
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The Cokin Nuances Clearsky series is a range of Light-Pollution filters which block specific wavelengths of urban lights, such as the sodium and mercury vapour lamp spectrums.

The yellow and orange glow of street lights is removed for urban photography at night and the contrast of the sky is enhanced for astrophotography. This darkens the gradient of the sky background, highlighting stars and the Milky Way. Ideal for nightime cItyscapes, nightscapes and Astrophotography.

Cokin Nuances Clearsky filters are available in 84mm, 100mm and 130mm widths or as round filters from 52mm to 82mm in diameter.
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  • Cokin P-SERIES (M size) version. Dimensions: 84 x 100 x 2mm
  • Filters out specific wavelengths associated with light-pollution
  • Produces more true-to-life colours, increased detail and contrast
  • Double-sided Multi-AR (anti-reflection) and AF coatings (waterproof, anti-oil and anti-scratch)
  • High-resolution phosphate laser neodymium glass
  • Recommended operating temperatures:-10°C to +40°C

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