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Box Contents: Nuances Extreme Soft GND8, Reverse GND4 and ND1024 glass filters with filter pouches, cleaning cloth, light sealing gasket
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
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Product Code: 11008
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The Smart Kit is an ideal solution to equip yourself with 3 of the best-selling Cokin NUANCES Extreme Filters: Full ND1024, Soft Graduated ND8 and Reverse Graduated ND4.

NUANCES Extreme filters are made from highly durable mineral glass and are able to resist accidental falls. They introduce innovative technology: A new coating process ensures uniform density and a nano metallic alloy is applied on both sides of the tempered glass, which results in stunning strength and colour neutrality.

The Nuances Extreme Reverse Grad ND4 allows up to 2 f.stops of light compensation with a soft transition from the darker centre of the filter to the top. This filter is ideal for shooting landscapes where a bright horizon requires balancing with the rest of the scene, for example, around sunset. The Nuances Extreme Soft Grad ND8 allows up to 3 f.stops of light compensation with a soft transition from the top of the filter to the centre. Finally, the Nuances Extreme ND1024 absorbs a full 10 f.stops of light, dedicating its use to long-exposure photography and/or depth of field reduction in extremely bright conditions for video shooting.

Rounded corners and 2mm thickness make Nuances Extreme filters easier to insert in extreme conditions. COKIN recommends the use of the EVO filter-Holder to ensure efficient protection against light-leaks.
Spare 2:
  • 2-Stop Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filter (with pouch)
  • 3-Stop Soft-Graduated Neutral Density Filter (with pouch)
  • 10-Stop Solid Neutral Density Filter (with pouch)
  • Hardened Tempered Schott Glass
  • Nano-Metallic Alloy coating for stunning colour neutrality and consistency across the range
  • Filter Width: 84mm

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