Spare 3:
Box Contents: 2x filter slots, 2x spacers for 4mm thick filters, 4x 25mm Screws, 4x 30mm Screws, 4x Nuts
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
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Product Code: 10875
Spare 1:
This is a Spare Parts Kit for Cokin EVO and CREATIVE filter-holders and includes various nuts, screw, spacers and slots.

The pair of slots can be used to accommodate a square or rectangular filter along the front of each compatible filter holder. Cokin EVO Aluminium Filter Holders can also utilise the slots at the rear of their back plate for attachment to a (separately available) Cokin adapter ring, which connects a Cokin filter holder to the front of a lens.

If placed between the back plate of a Cokin EVO Aluminium Filter Holder and a pair of slots along its front, the spacers enable the use of a 4mm thick, square or rectangular filter. Whether configured with or without spacers, the 25mm long screws hold a Cokin EVO Aluminium Filter Holder's components together and are each locked in place with a retaining nut.

Similarly, the 30mm screws are intended for use with a Cokin Z-Pro Series Filter Holder. However, they can also be installed on a Cokin EVO Aluminium Filter Holder, allowing it to accommodate an additional 2mm thick filter, beyond the maximum number of filter configurations permitted with the 25mm long screws. If the 25mm long screws are instead used to substitute the 30mm long screws on a Cokin Z-Pro Series Filter Holder, its capacity will be reduced by one 2mm-thick filter, however the overall profile of the filter holder will be lowered along its front, with the front end of each 25mm screw prevented from extending beyond its corresponding retaining nut.
Spare 2:
  • Compatible with the following:
  • Cokin EVO Filter Holder P-Series (M Size)
  • Cokin EVO Filter Holder Z-PRO Series (L Size)
  • Cokin EVO Filter Holder X-PRO Series (XL Size)
  • Cokin CREATIVE Filter Holder Z-PRO Series (L Size)

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