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Box Contents: Fusion One Protector filter, protective case
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
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HOYA FUSION ONE is a series of filters based on new HOYA optical technology. It is an update on the best-selling HOYA PRO-1D series, which has been widely used by amateur and professional photographers all over the world.

The word "ONE" in the naming of this series is maintained as legacy of HOYA PRO-1D, in memory of its contribution to photographers' creativity, with the belief that this new series will serve well for many decades ahead.

FUSION ONE filters have been designed to match the rigorous standards and optical capabilities of modern, high-resolution lenses. They join the HOYA filter line-up as a fusion of all the highly valued specifications: Multi-layer coating, ultra-high light-transmission, professional-grade optical glass and a low-profile filter-frame. They additionally incorporate stain resistance and a water-repellent coating.

The PROTECTOR filter is designed for constant use and is recommended for shielding your valuable lenses from expensive front element damage that could be caused by knocks, dirt or scratches.
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  • Hoya professional-grade optical glass
  • 18 layers of Super HMC multi-coating for high light-transmission and resistance to flare
  • Stain resistant to protect against finger prints and smudges
  • Water repellent - easy to keep clean
  • Permanent use protects front element of lens
  • Available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm diameter
  • Uses Hoya's exclusive low-profile, one-piece filter ring with front filter thread
  • Awarded "Best Camera Accessory" in TIPA WORLD AWARDS 2019

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