Kenko 55mm REALPRO MC UV Filter

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Box Contents: 55mm REALPRO MC UV Filter
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
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Product Code: 2795
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REALPRO series filters are designed using Kenko's highest quality control standards and experience in producing photographic filters. The REALPRO series aims to meet professional and amateur photographers' needs, as they continue to become more demanding.

The REALPRO UV is multi-purpose, fine-weather filter that blocks UV light, which can cause hazy and unclear photos on a sunny day. REALPRO UV filters use UV-cut glass that blocks light in the unwanted UV spectrum, before it enters the lens. This type of glass has a slight yellow tint, but there is no negative effect on the image. The REALPRO UV is a universal filter, because it also serves as a permanent lens protector.

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  • Blocks UV light which can cause hazy and unclear photos on a sunny day
  • Anti-Stain Coating (ASC) helps moisture and water drops bead & slide off, keeps it clean for longer
  • Anti-Reflection Multicoating gives maximum light transmission and protects from flare or ghosting
  • Ultra-Slim Aluminium Frame to avoid vignetting with wide and super wide-angle lenses
  • Filter frame has knurled surface which prevents slipping, making attachment and removal easier
  • Black satin Almite finish on frame reduces unwanted internal reflections
  • Outer rim of filter glass is treated with special black ink to prevent light leaks & reflection
  • Available in wide range of sizes
  • Each REALPRO filter comes with a durable, re-usable plastic case with UV-protection.

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