Spare 3:
Box Contents: Manual, case, Infrared Clamp, sync cable, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm,67mm & 72mm adapters
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 209g
Product Code: 4485
Spare 1:
The Metz 15 MS-1 digital provides wireless macro flash via two individually controlled reflectors. In doing so the innovative macro flash ring guarantees balanced and precision illumination whilst opening up new creative possibilities for macro shots. With the help of individually variable reflectors (0°–20°) and their precision light distribution, individual creativity really does have full rein. Creating effective light accents has never been so easy, regardless of the subject. And all this with superior convenience of use, after all the Metz 15 MS-1 digital automatically provides the right level of light both reliably and with precision all thanks to wireless TTL operation. Over and above this is a clear dot matrix display which serves to make operation of the 15 MS-1 digital even easier. Anyone looking for even more creative latitude can fall back on the manual controls on the new 15 MS-1 and vary the prescribed light output via the six partial light output settings. Space-saving internal (rechargeable) batteries provide efficient power supply.
Spare 2:
  • Dual reflector system, can be individually swivelled (0°, 10°, 20°) and controlled separately
  • Dot matrix display
  • Slow synchronisation (Slow)
  • Wireless servo flash mode with/without pre-flash suppression
  • Servo mode with learning function
  • Manual flash mode (operation via sync socket/servo)
  • Firmware update via integrated USB socket

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Extended Description 2:

Extended Description 3:
  • Wireless TTL flash control
  • Two reflector system, individually pivoting (0°, 10°, 20°) and separately controlled
  • Ratio function (light distribution from left to right
  • Horizontal (20°) pivoting reflector
  • Dot matrix display
  • Standard 50 mm illumination
  • Enclosed bouncer disc for softer illumination
  • Adjustable light (modelling light)
  • Integrated autofocus auxiliary light
  • Flash standby and exposure control indicator on flash unit
  • Flash functions for specific camera models in remote TTL mode
Operates as slave flash unit in the following operating modes
E-TTL remote flash mode (Canon)
i-TTL- remote flash mode (Nikon / Fujifilm)
P-TTL remote flash mode (Pentax / Samsung)
Four-Thirds TTL remote flash mode (Olympus / Panasonic / Leica)
ADI remote flash mode (Sony Alpha)
TTL remote flash operating mode (as slave unit)
Slave flash mode with pre-flash suppression
Slave flash mode with learn function
Manual flash mode with 6 partial lighting levels
1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation
max. GN of 15 for ISO 100/21° and 50 mm
High number of flashes (e.g. 200 full flashes with NiMH batteries, 1000 mAh)
Flash recycle time 0.3 – 5 secs (depending on the energy source and flash output)
Firmware update via integrated USB port possible  
Additional adapter rings available for 62, 67 and 72 mm  
Power sources  
AAA alkaline magnesium batteries, AAA lithium batteries  
AAA NC or NiMH rechargeable batteries  
52, 55 and 58 mm adapter rings  
Bouncer disc  
IR clip-ons  
Belt pouch