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Box Contents: OpticFilm 120 Pro scanner, Silver fast Ai Studio software on USB stick (with activation card), 6x7 IT8 Calibration Target, User Manual, 5 Film Holders, USB 3.0 cable, Power Adapter
Guarantee Period: 2 Years
Net Weight: 6.2kg
Product Code: 6581
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The perfect solution for scanning 35mm film strips, slides, and 120 roll-film film formats from 6x4.5cm to 6x12cm.

The OpticFilm 120 Pro professional medium format film scanner delivers incredible scans and satisfies the film scanning requirements of advanced amateurs and professionals, who require the ultimate in image quality and an ICC profiled scanning system.

The OpticFilm 120 Pro comes bundled with full SilverFast Ai Studio and a 6x7 IT8 Calibration Target. Dynamic range is the measurement of recordable light from black through to white, being the darkest to lightest areas on a piece of film which a scanner can read. The advanced optics and sensor allow the OpticFilm 120 Pro to capture more detail in the light and dark areas of film. This delivers an effective usable Dynamic Range of 4.01 (according using to SilverFast Multi-Exposure/ according to ISO 21550:2004).
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  • 8-element glass lens, LED light, high-sensitivity colour CCD and 5,300 dpi optical resolution
  • Up to 16 bit A/D conversion, ultra-high res 38 megapixels for 35mm and 273 megapixels for 6x12 film
  • Usable Dynamic Range of 4.01 (using SilverFast Multi-Exposure/ according to ISO 21550:2004)
  • SilverFast iSRD allows dust, scratches and artefacts to be automatically removed
  • Lens calibration tool eliminates focus variations due to film flatness and slide mount variability
  • Scanning is fully automated, with a motorised film transport system to speed scanning workflow
  • USB 3.0 connectivity provides data transfer speed up to 80% faster than the previous OpticFilm 120
  • Adjustable 120 film strip holders are compatible with both 6x6 and 6x7 film strips
  • OS - Windows 7 (64 bit)/ 8 (64 bit)/ 10 (64 bit), Mac OS 10.11/ 10.12/ 10.13/ 10.14/ 10.15.x
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 374 x 210 x 189mm

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