Samyang AF 75mm F1.8 SONY FE (Full-Frame E-mount)

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Box Contents: Lens, Lens Caps, Lens Hood, Lens Pouch
Guarantee Period: 3 Years
Net Weight: 230g
Product Code: 8024
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Samyang's "Tiny but Absolute" AF 75mm f1.8 FE lens sets a new standard for shooting portraits and events with Sony mirrorless cameras, it is also the world's first 75mm autofocus lens for fulI-frame format.

In the past, 75mm was accepted as the ideal focal length for shooting portraits but this increased to 85mm during the SLR generation, due to space required for the mirror in SLR camera bodies. Mirrorless cameras have a shorter flange back, so 75mm can become the new ideal angle of view once again.

The AF 75mm f1.8 is compact and light; its size and weight have been optimised for use with full-frame or crop sensor mirrorless cameras and it has a convenient 58mm filter thread.

This outstanding lens delivers remarkable image quality and sharpness from centre to edge, regardless of situation, subject or surroundings. Using their own optical technology, Samyang's development of UMC (Ultra Multi Coating) effectively eliminates flare and ghosting. The 9-bladed aperture provides wonderful circular bokeh in out-of-focus backgrounds and a clear 18-ray Sunstar effect can be achieved, which outperforms competing products.

The internal autofocus system is fast and quiet, thanks to Linear STM motor technology, which also eliminates autofocus noise during video shooting.

This lens has several unique features, including a Custom Switch which adds functions to the focus ring. Users can assign different functions to the focus Ring according to their own preferences. These functions can be changed via a Samyang USB Lens Station and more functions will to be added via firmware upgrades.
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  • Image Sensor size: Full frame 35mm
  • Focal length: 75mm, Maximum aperture: F/1.8, Minimum aperture F/22
  • Custom Mode switch allows user-customisation of focus ring
  • Filter Diameter: 58mm
  • Angle of view: 32.9 degrees (full frame sensor), 21.9 degrees (APS-C sensor)
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.69m
  • Focus type: Auto-Focus
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9 (rounded)
  • Lens construction: 10 elements in 9 groups (2 High Refractive, 3 Extra-low Dispersion) Ultra-Multi-C
  • Dimensions (max): 65.0mm Dia. x 69.0mm L

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Innovation in Size

The AF 75mm F1.8 FE is only 230g in weight and 69mm in height, so it's easy to carry and fits perfectly with a compact mirrorless camera. Enjoy the clear image quality with the compact telephoto lens that can be used anytime, anywhere

Modern Rebirth of 75mm Prime Lens

After switching from range finder to SLR and to mirrorless system, the forgotten 75mm angle of view is now reborn as a full-frame AF lens! Take your everyday life with the legendary angle of view 75mm that captures both the story and the character.

The Best Portraits Created by Shallow Depth of Field

The subject and background are effectively separated, creating an impressive sense of depth when the large round bokeh, calm background blurring, and high contrast achieve the optimal balance. Samyang's original optical design delivers unique depth of field even in a similar angle of view and aperture. Capture your beautiful everyday life more impressively.

Big, Round, Beautiful Bokeh

Only by carefully designing and simulating the path of light can you complete a large and beautiful bokeh that cannot be captured by a mobile phone. We hope you will experience the best bokeh that is beautifully designed after many years of research in shape, color, border, and minimized chromatic aberration.