Samyang XP 50mm F1.2 Canon EF - to fit Full-Frame and APS-C format DSLR cameras

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Box Contents: Lens, Lens Hood, Lens Caps, Lens Pouch
Guarantee Period: 3 Years
Net Weight: 1200g
Product Code: 8043
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This lens, built for DSLR cameras, yields unprecedented resolution of more than 50 megapixels for still photography and 8K for video. The XP 50mm F1.2 manual focus lens enables you to capture those dramatic moments with perfect image quality thanks to the bright F1.2 aperture.

In particular, it excels in portraiture, capturing the delicate look of the eye, each strand of hair and bright and beautiful skin tones. You can express unconstrained depth with the wide, bright aperture, while the 9 bladed diaphragm also delivers beautiful bokeh, starburst, and out-of-focus effects. You can also achieve stunning image quality in low light conditions and indoors, thanks to faster shutter speeds which the wide aperture enable.

With an optical construction of 11 lens elements in 8 groups, distortion and aberrations are minimised, producing crystal clear resolution. The special optical elements such as aspherical and high-refractive lenses deliver sharp and vivid images to camera sensors by effectively tuning the light path. Also, flare and ghost effects are well controlled, thanks to ultra multi-coating.
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  • Image Sensor size: Full frame and APS-C
  • Focal length: 50mm
  • Maximum aperture: f/1.2
  • Filter Diameter: 86mm
  • Angle of view: 46.6 degrees (35mm), 31.0 degrees (APS-C)
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.45m
  • Focus type: manual
  • Lens construction: 11 elements in 8 groups (1 Aspherical, 1 High Refractive)
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9
  • Dimensions (max): 93 x 117.4mm

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Extended Description 1:

Unprecedented resolving power for above 50MP and 8K production

Captures even the slightest movement of the eyes, changes of light and wind thanks to Samyang Optics’ superior optical technology and resolving power.

Bright F1.2 Aperture

Guarantees faster shutter speed in low light conditions and adds depth to your pictures by blurring the background.

Beautiful Bokeh with 9 Aperture Blades

Featuring 9 rounded blades, it adds an artistic touch to your pictures and creates a sense of soft dimension with incredible bokeh, perfect for out-of-focus portraits and night city landscapes.

Minimised Flare and Ghost Effects with Ultra Multi Coating

By reducing the impact of flares and ghosting effects in your pictures while ensuring excellent image quality and contrast from the center to the periphery, it offers crystal clear, sharp image quality.