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Box Contents: Slik PBH-535AS ball head, Quick-release plate, Operating instructions
Guarantee Period: 5 Years
Net Weight: 380g
Product Code: 3485
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The SLIK PBH-535AS is a compact, professional ball head with a newly-designed “Cam Lock”, Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release system, for fast and secure camera mounting. The “Cam Lock” quick-release system allows the camera to be attached or detached from the head, without the need to slide the plate it in or out of the groove.

The PBH-535AS ball head has a capacity of 5kgs, it features a separate panning-lock that holds the ball in place, while allowing the head to rotate (pan) through 360 degrees. A tension knob controls the rate of the ball’s movement. The head is capable of handling a full-sized professional DSLR with standard lens. In addition to the standard easy grip ball-lock lever, the head has a tension adjustment knob to fine-tune the drag on the ball movement. It also has a separate panoramic lock with degree markings around the base to facilitate stitched-panoramic photos.
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  • Height: 9.8cm
  • Tripod mounting socket: 3/8" and 1/4"
  • Camera mounting screw: 1/4"
  • Maximum suggested load: 5kg
  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release system
  • Tension adjustment and panning lock
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Base diameter: 50mm
  • Size of camera platform: 38x63mm

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