Slik QUICK-RELEASE 6183BK FOR 704/707/1100 HD

Spare 3:
Box Contents: N/A
Guarantee Period: 5 Years
Net Weight: 44g
Product Code: 3469
Spare 1:
Quick-Release plate for CARBON 724FA, CARBON 723FA, PRO 723AF, PRO 723EZ, PRO 634EZ, PRO 500EZ, PRO 340 BH, PRO 330AF, PRO 330EZ, SPRINT PRO 3WAY, SPRINT PRO EZ, SPRINT 150, SH-704E, SH-707E, AF1100E, SBH-280E, SBH-150DQ, SBH-200DQ, MONOPOD 350AF and DQ-20.

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