Slik RUBBER FEET 50mm (SET OF 3)

Spare 3:
Box Contents: 3pcs of Rubber Feet on threaded shafts
Guarantee Period: 5 Years
Net Weight: 100g each
Product Code: 3527
Spare 1:
Set of 3 Rubber Feet measuring 50mm in diameter, which offer extra grip and stability when used with suitable Slik Carbon Fibre tripods or monopods. The ball & socket joint allows each rubber foot to rotate and tilt independently, according to the tripod leg angle and ground conditions.

The Slik Rubber Feet (50mm) can be used with to following Slik models: PRO CF-833, PRO CF-834, PRO CF-733, PRO CF-734, PRO POD CF-834. Removal and replacement of the original standard feet can be easily done, without the need for special tools.
Spare 2:
  • Extra grip and stability compared to original feet
  • Feet tilt and rotate to give maximum surface area in contact with ground
  • Quick and easy to interchange
  • Shaft thread: U3/8"
  • Materials: Rubber (feet), Aluminium (shaft)
  • Dimensions: 50mm (dia) x 25mm (length)

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