Velbon QUICK-SHOE QB-62 (for PHD-52Q, PHD-55D, PHD-62Q, PHD-65D, PHG-40D, QHD-43D, QHD-53D, QHD-54Q, QHD-63D, QHD-65D, SHERPA 100, SHERPA 400, ULTRA 455)

Spare 3:
Box Contents: QB-62 QR Plate
Guarantee Period: 5 Years
Net Weight: 58g
Product Code: 2299
Spare 1:
Quick-Release Plate to fit the following Velbon models:
PHD-52Q head
PHD-55D head
PHD-62Q head
PHD-65D head
PHG-40D head
QHD-43D head
QHD-53D head
QHD-54Q head
QHD-63D head
QHD-65D head
SHERPA 100 tripod
SHERPA 400 tripod
ULTRA 455 tripod

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