Spare 3:
Box Contents: Lens support and pouch case
Guarantee Period: 5 Years
Net Weight: 340g
Product Code: 2388
Spare 1:
The SPT-1 Lens Support adds support and stability when shooting with a DSLR camera and heavy telephoto lens. It fits between the foot on the lens's tripod collar and a tripod. The SPT-1 can attach to a quick-release plate, Arca-type compatible clamp, or directly to any 1/4" threaded screw on a tripod or head. The attachment point can move forward or backward so that the height-adjustable mounting column can be located in the correct position to screw into your camera's tripod socket.
Spare 2:
  • Adds stability when shooting with long telephoto lenses
  • Compatible with Arca-type dovetail mounts
  • Mount threads for camera, lens and tripod - all 1/4" diameter
  • Adjustable mounting distance between camera and lens
  • Adjustable camera mounting column
  • Length: 246mm

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