Reinold Aryee
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Reinold Aryee is a freelance photographer based in London.

With a focus on composition and perspective, he always looks to create an image rather than just taking a picture. Reinold has worked with a variety of different brands ranging from Moss Bros, Base London Shoes, Duke & Dexter, Rathfinny, EyeEm, Google and the European Parliament to name a few.
He uses a variety of different lenses to cater to the needs of his clients, primarily using the Sony A7III to capture most of his images. For travel photography, Reinold uses the DJI Mavic Pro Drone and loves the perspective it brings.
Coupled with the Mavic Pro, Reinold takes advantage of the compact sizes of the Samyang 18mm & Samyang 45mm to balance travel necessities with photography gear. For fashion and portrait photography, he primarily uses the Samyang 35mm, combining his love for the environment with people.
Reinold loves using the Samyang 14mm to capture as much of the environment as possible in creative ways and loves telling stories through scale with this particular lens. Reinold uses the Samyang 24mm T/S for interiors, photos of the city and creative projects where a tilt function is necessary
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Moorgate - London Victoria & Albert Museum - London
Monskeen - London tube Emma Carryl - Old Street, London
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